“We have been extremely happy with Leap into Literacy lessons so far. They really have been high quality. Testament to this has been that my son walks out happy, relaxed and not stressed or bored. School has been tough for my son over the years so it has been lovely for me to witness him re-engaging with learning from your sessions”.


“Leap into Literacy has helped to develop my child’s confidence by giving him skills and techniques to tackle literary writing and comprehension assignments at school which he found very challenging.  I saw results and improvement in his work almost immediately. I am very grateful to Allison who is always very encouraging, positive, patient, gentle and caring with my child”.


“My son has attended Leap into Literacy for only one term and I am absolutely thrilled with the huge steps he has made in his story writing. After worrying about this aspect of his learning for so long, and doing so many different things to try and improve this area, it was an enormous relief to finally find something that showed marked improvement and in quite a short space of time. I would recommend Leap into Literacy for any child who has trouble with fluency of sentence writing”.


“Thank you Leap into Literacy for tutoring my daughters over the past six months. There has been a noticeable, steady progress in their writing skills. Now they feel more confident in applying what they have learned to their writing assignments. I really appreciate your effort and patience in teaching them every week”.

Mrs. Y

“The skills my son has learned with Leap into Literacy has made it easier for him to apply when I sit down with him to do homework for school. I really appreciate the passion and care that Allison has shown for my son. I feel he will make great progress under Leap into Literacy tutoring”.


“Since starting classes at Leap into Literacy, my son had grown in confidence with his writing. He is now able to complete assignments he previously would have found too difficult to start. His spelling has also improved. And, most surprising of all, he is taking ownership of his homework assignments and completes them without my supervision. Thank you Allison for your help and kindness towards my son.”


“My daughter has been attending one of the Leap Into Literacy afternoon classes for almost three terms. As early as the end of the first term I could see a significant improvement in her comprehension and writing. She seems happy and stimulated when she returns home from the classes. Her school results and confidence have increased this year and I believe the Leap Into Literacy classes have majorly contributed to this.”


“Thank you for all your hard work with my son. He now says English is his favourite subject in school, and he especially likes writing ‘free’ essays! His confidence has improved and also his comprehension. But most of all, he is enjoying reading and creating stories. Thank you!”


“I am so thrilled with the progress of my son in just two short terms! He really enjoys the class each week and while we had noticed a gradual improvement at home, his school has noticed a huge difference and is recognising and rewarding his achievements. He is gaining confidence and a love for reading is slowly starting to form. Thank you Allison for giving our son the encouragement and confidence he needed. ”


“We have been so happy with Leap into Literacy for our 8 year old son. He is now in his 2nd term of classes and is loving the lessons. Most weeks he wants to keep reading the latest book he’s just discovered – this is finally music to our ears! The teachers do a really amazing job, I can not recommend Leap into Literacy highly enough.”


“Leap into literacy has done wonders for my sons confidence in creative writing. The lessons reinforce sound planning strategies which help your child in the classroom.”