About Us

Meet Leap into Literacy’s wonderful staff. These qualified teachers and expert tutors have extensive experience helping students improve their literacy skills.


Allison Greenland – Owner / Teacher

Allison Greenland is Leap into Literacy’s founder and facilitator. She is currently completing her final year of a PhD in Curriculum and Teaching and holds a Master’s degree in Education. Her research has focused specifically on reading comprehension strategies for adolescent students and successful learning techniques for students of all abilities.

Allison has eleven years experience as a Primary teacher and most recently as a Gifted and Talented teacher for both Primary and Secondary students, as well as a Creative Writing teacher for adults. She also has many years of experience working with students who have learning disabilities, special needs, and who are gifted and talented, and she also has a TEFL certification.

Allison has been tutoring privately throughout her teaching career and has recently made the move to focus solely on Leap into Literacy.

She has designed the Leap into Literacy program to help children become engaged in reading and writing through fun creative techniques that aid retention, foster independent learning and promote students’ future success. Her workshops assist kids’ reading confidence and enhance their creative writing abilities.




Alisha is an experienced and passionate teacher with an avid interest in English literature and creative writing.  Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary), Alisha has vast experience in Primary teaching, creative writing instruction and music tuition. Alisha has taught extensively in the Hunter/Central Coast and Sydney region. Since 2014, she has also been a tutor of English for stages 1-3, including NAPLAN preparation.

Alisha majored in Drama, Creative Writing and Australian Film and Literature. This included a year of study at The University of Victoria, British Columbia, where she focused on the study of 20th century popular music, Indonesian theatre practice and Greek literature and theatre studies.

With a love of English, literature and creative writing for stage and screen, Alisha is excited to be teaching with Leap into Literacy. She feels students need to be engaged with quality literature and film as a starting point for developing an interest in writing and reading comprehension. She also believes students should feel encouraged and supported and given explicit guidance for transferring their ideas and thoughts into cohesive writing samples.



Llana Menezes:

With a Masters of Teaching in a primary setting, Llana tries to connect every student so that they feel included and comfortable to be themselves and do their best at all times.
She is passionate about education and encourages her students to push themselves to achieve more than they thought they could by instilling in them a sense of confidence and capability.
Llana enjoys working with children and helping them discover their talents and abilities.





Su Pheng Lim:

Su is a Primary Teacher who is currently completing her Masters. She has a broad educational background and experience in teaching MULTILIT programs that focus specifically on phonetics and reading comprehension skills.

Su has experience teaching abroad in Peru, South America, and has taught in a variety of schools in the Sydney area. She believes in instilling a love for learning in her students through delivering engaging lesson plans and creating a supportive yet challenging learning environment conducive for optimal learning.





Elina has a Bachelors degree in English Literature as well as a TEFL qualification. She has been teaching English for more than 8 years. Passionate about reading and writing herself, Elina is keen to impart this delight to her students. Elina spent four years in Beijing teaching public speaking and academic writing to students at a top tier university. She also has experience teaching primary and secondary students in large groups at summer camps, and in smaller tutoring sessions. Since returning to Sydney, she has taught small groups and private students around her seasonal teaching of Academic English at the University of Sydney, UNSW and UTS.

Elina sees her role as teacher as finding creative ways to engage and motivate every student, whatever their interest or capacity. Once trust is built, and a delight in learning formed, there is no limit to what a student can learn. Teaching at Leap into Literacy is a wonderful opportunity to encourage enthusiastic primary students and help them to access learning through increased literacy skills.




Bronwen has been employed with Leap into Literacy for the past year. She has been teaching at Macquarie University on the teacher education programs for the past 8 years. She is a fully trained primary school teacher and has taught in the classroom for more than 10 years. Bronwen’s Doctoral studies specialised in bringing creativity into the classroom mix of subject areas, including teaching children how to enjoy learning English language in an innovative and fun way.





Katie’s passion for literature, particularly creative writing, led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. It was during her time studying abroad at Queen Mary University of London that she began tutoring. At first she worked primarily with high school and university students and then spent time in Vietnam as an ESL tutor for both children and adults. Following this, she worked in Perth and Sydney as both an English Literature and ESL tutor. She has had extensive tutoring experience working with people of all ages in both group and private tutoring sessions.

She uses joy and an enthusiasm for curiosity to foster an environment in which her students are able to explore concepts thoroughly. She believes in the power of knowledge and wishes to instil a strong understanding of language and expression in her students in order to accommodate future growth. She teaches with strong guidance and a recognition of the unique capabilities of each individual student.


Nicole is a passionate teacher who believes every student should enjoy learning. She works towards not only helping students achieve great success in their studies, but to also become passionate about learning. Nicole studied Arts, majoring in psychology, and then furthered her studies by completing a Masters in Adult Education, a Masters in Social Science with a focus on children and youth, and a Masters in Teaching focusing on primary education.

She has spent time teaching abroad in both China and America as well as teaching in classrooms in Sydney. Nicole has worked with a diverse range of students, and has spent time developing courses, as well as teaching these same courses in the classroom. Nicole enjoys helping students find their passion for learning and is currently studying for her TEFL accreditation.