Creative Techniques

Our classes include techniques that allow students to become creative in the learning process, making sessions FUN and achieving maximum results. Students gain the skills to complete creative writing assignments on their own using techniques they learn in our literacy classes.


Parent & Kid Approved

Parents appreciate that our online classes are not only a proven method to increase reading confidence and writing skills for their children, but as an extension to help build on existing skills. Our online classes are creative and involve fun games, audio and visual clips, technology, and more to keep students motivated.


Expert Literacy Help

Our lessons incorporate different books to motivate children to enjoy reading and writing. Educational creative writing topics we focus on are: persuasive writing, descriptive writing, building your introductions and conclusions, character development, and organising/planning your story.




Our online classes with help increase children’s reading comprehension and creative writing skills through fun and creativity!
The best way to get started is with our 7 day free trial to see if your child enjoys the lesson.
There is NO point continuing if they are not having fun, as this is our overall goal for motivation, retention and success.

We now offer online classes! Register for a 7 day free trial here: www.leapintoliteracy.com.


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Get Ready to Leap into Literacy


Hi! I’m Dr. Allison Greenland, and I founded Leap into Literacy following research for my PhD that exposed reading comprehension levels in Australia are declining every year. I drew on my experience teaching creative writing classes and put together a fun program to help both struggling and confident children with their reading comprehension AND creative writing skills.

Parents have said they are so happy to see their children enjoy reading and writing for pleasure!

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Classes are available for children in years K-6. Online classes are now available! 

Due to the overwhelming success of our online classes during 2020, we have now moved our program entirely online! Our online classes can be joined here: www.leapintoliteracy.com

For more information, please email us: info@leapintoliteracy.com.au